The post house version of that bomb soup spot. Our craft is a beautiful combination of technique and creativity.


You know the feeling when you taste a spoonful of a bowl of something hot and delicious?

It could comfort and relax you, it could ignite taste buds with a kick of flavour, or it could simply satisfy a hunger. Whatever that feeling brings to you, it’s undeniable that a good broth is good for the soul. And that’s the feeling that inspired the name Soul Bowl. That’s the feeling we seek to capture with our work. We understand that in the edit suite we’re akin to a chef using our knowledge, our expertise, and our passion to carefully prepare a good broth.

I’m Ryan Brooke, a professional video editor who started Soul Bowl to both offer post production services and use as a banner to work on film projects under. I’ve been specialising in post production since 2018 and have production experience spanning over a decade. Our edit suite features custom built workstations, regularly colour calibrated monitors, screening facilities, fiber optic internet, and client work areas.

Digital Post Services

Offline Editing
Colour Grading
Dailies Processing
Digital Compositing
Motion Graphics
Title Design


If you’d like to request a quote, make an enquiry, collaborate on a project, or just drop a line, use this form to get in touch.

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